Got it

This post is just an update of what happened in my life almost 1 month ago.

Galera no final do CodePen Meetup Brasil, no Google Brasil

I can't express the way I'm feeling in words — not even in Portuguese, which is my mother tongue.

I've been passionate about technology since my childhood and nowadays I'm passionate about programming. It's awesome to realize how things are changing and improving because of tech.

My biggest reference has always been the Silicon Valley. Truth be told, one of my dreams was to visit there. I admire lots of big companies, startups, and universities that are located in California. The following are some examples: Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Draper University, Plug and Play, Udemy, Cambly, Tesla, Nasa, and Singularity University.

And I've got the great pleasure to say that a made this dream came true. Actually, the company that I work for helped me a lot with making this dream come true. On April 20th I arrived in San Francisco and I spent two weeks there. For one week I was part of the program our company runs, which is kind of a 5-day conference about entrepreneurship that StartSe organizes. During my second week, I just explored places. I also visited some cities in and around the Silicon Valley, such as Napa Valley, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Montain View, Palo Alto, and Concord. I'd say it was the best experience I've ever had in my life. I mean, it was my first trip abroad...

What a shock (in a positive way)!

Being there was such an inspiration! I can't wait to go back to California again to learn more about technology, new cultures, and English. I learned a lot in this blessed place and I intend in a couple of days to write some posts here about this great experience. I've got some stories that are worth to share. I hope you enjoy it.

See you later!